Erik Holleboom

‘One of the nice attributes of Strypes is that you can easily switch to another field of expertise. When I started here three years ago, I completed various high-tech projects. Last year, I switched to the infrastructure sector. I am now working on a major tunnel project between Amsterdam and Schiphol as a model-based systems engineer. This was done in consultation. Strypes collaborated in the tender for this project. Later, I was asked whether I would like to participate in the execution. In so doing, you are confronted with challenges. In terms of technology, the infra world is probably lagging behind the high-tech world by fifteen years. My knowledge can thus be used to rectify this situation.

The advantage of a relatively small company is that you know everybody. We communicate well with each other. If I want to discuss tunnels, I regularly consult various colleagues and we even discuss technology during the monthly drink. This is how we help each other.

There is also ample scope to develop your own skills. I am presently quite busy refreshing my skills in the fields of systems engineering and the hardware that relates to infrastructure. Strypes gives you the freedom to immerse yourself in a new speciality.’

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