Coen Kuijken

Coen Kuijken works for Strypes as, among other projects, design manager infrastructure for the construction of the Kethel tunnel between Delft and Schiedam.

‘When I worked at Ordina, I knew Geert Eijkhout as a colleague. When he later founded Strypes, he contacted me again, and that is how I ended up here. I always say working at Strypes combines the best of both worlds. I have the freedom of an entrepreneur, in the context of striving to achieve my personal vision and objectives, but I also have a permanent employment contract. I have also worked for comparable companies. Strypes is different from the other companies because you yourself are really in control. Ample opportunity. When I started here, my experience and ambition were immediately matched with a nice project. You also determine which educational courses you want to enrol for yourself, and you are encouraged to develop your skills. This included the field of ‘soft skills’ such as presentation skills.

When I started here, I was impressed with the way things worked. There is a warm, personal culture here. This is apparent in both the informal working environment, and the contact between colleagues. We often talk about what we are doing and what the future holds. This takes place in a refreshing and open manner. And we also regularly organise very informal drinks and dinners.

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