Process technology for a drinking water supply company

Clean, healthy and affordable tap water is almost taken for granted in our country, meaning hardly anybody asks themselves how this is ‘produced’. Edwin Schippers is one of the people at Strypes who is involved with the technology behind this product at a drinking water supply company in the Netherlands.

Functional design for clean water

This client is working on a large-scale project to renew all installations for the purification of drinking water. For this, groundwater as well as surface water from the Biesbosch is used as a resource for a phased filtering and purification process. Edwin was behind a number of designs for the technology that, for example, involve the control and read-out of pumps, filters and sensors. Edwin: "It starts with mapping how the present process works. This involves scrutinising the old documentation in conjunction with discussions with the operators. This is a difficult assignment because the documentation is often out of date and the operators do not know all of the ins and outs. Moreover, the wishes of operators and process technologists must also be recorded. All of this information serves as an input for the new design. When this design is ready, a HazOp session (to discuss the risks) will be held with the parties involved and the document will then be finalised. It is now up to the programmer to program this."

Ready for a clean future

The new system is ready for the future. As a result of standardisation, future maintenance is easier and the likelihood of errors is minimised.

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