Technology and automated documentation for Avenue2

For many people in the Netherlands, the beginning of the Route du Soleil lies near Maastricht, and this is also one of the first bottlenecks on the route to the sunny south. The Avenue2 consortium works here in order to improve the traffic flow on the A2 beside the capital of Limburg, via a tunnel with two levels – unique for the Netherlands.

As one of the designers, Peter Daas was jointly responsible for the technology in the tunnel for 2.5 years. He has grown to become one of the tunnel specialists at Strypes.

National Tunnel Standard

The National Public Works and Water Management Department (‘Rijkswaterstaat’) has drawn up detailed requirements and regulations for the construction of tunnels. This so-called National Tunnel Standard for example includes a technical standard that focuses on making controls in the Dutch tunnels completely unambiguous everywhere. Peter: ‘This project was already in full swing when the National Tunnel Standard was introduced. A tunnel like this is a technically complex project with dozens of installations, and we therefore have to implement them in accordance with the new, extremely detailed standard. You could say that I now know several chapters of the National Tunnel Standard by heart. At the start of the project, I worked on a design to link the control (software) for all audio- and video systems in accordance with the standard. Later I, for example, worked on the liquid pump systems and the fire extinguishing systems.’

Documentation tool

‘The challenge that you are confronted with in an assignment like this is that you work with different subcontractors, suppliers, teams of installers and designers and everyone has his own approach and ideas. Moreover, documentation is an essential part. Avenue2 has therefore decided to develop its own documentation tool that automatically generates the unambiguous documentation in a Word document from one central database.

Tunnel specialist

Strypes encourages employees to develop their skills in order to become specialists in different disciplines. This is appreciated by our clients. Peter has meanwhile been requested by another client to collaborate in the tender for a new tunnel between Germany and Denmark, one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe. In addition, he is involved in a tender for the renovation of nine existing tunnels in the Netherlands, including the Benelux tunnel.

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