Baggage handling systems

Our client is a global player in the field of material handling systems, best known for baggage sorting systems at airports. The technology used to ensure that all passengers at arrivals are reunited with their own baggage is extremely complex. Joost Kisters was internationally active for this client at various airports.

Every airport is different

He worked from 2012 until the end of 2014 as Project Leader Engineering for airports in Eindhoven, Nairobi, Saint Petersburg and Saudi Arabia, for existing as well as newly-constructed terminals. Joost: ‘Passengers are only familiar with the front of the baggage handling section, and waiting at the check-in desk and the conveyor belt. However, an entire system is hidden from the view of the passengers. The system is controlled by advanced software. The baggage is not only transported and sorted, but also screened for prohibited goods.’


‘The situation at every airport is different, so systems are always customised. I often make visits to the location in order to manage the situation. In the case of new construction, there are often contradictions on the drawings to be dealt with. For example, a pipe is drawn at the location where your conveyer belt must be installed in the system layout. Then tension rises as you try to ensure that everything is implemented in accordance with the planning and cost assessment. However, has always worked out.’

All-round industrial automation

Despite all the differences, industrial and logistical processes also have a large number of similarities. After this previous client, Joost accepted a project in the pharmaceutical industry. He can now also use the knowledge that he has acquired from integrating various parties and systems, in his present project. By acquiring substantial experience, Strypes professionals like Joost further develop their skills as all-round industrial automation specialists.

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