Installation of environmental controlling system

Medicines are produced and packed under strictly controlled conditions and to do so requires specialist technology. Erik van Noort is one of the pharma specialists at Strypes. With the Dutch branch of an international pharmaceutical company, he was the project leader for two projects: replacing the HVAC control, and an Environmental Monitoring System (SCADA) in a production building.


In the pharmaceutical industry, medicines are produced and packed in so-called ‘clean rooms’, rooms with purified air and precision-controlled temperature and humidity. The equipment that controls this climate is kept separate from the equipment that controls the process and, when necessary, generates an alarm signal. Erik recently worked as a project leader on both systems. His first assignment involved replacing a SCADA system for monitoring the clean-room conditions. Erik: ‘The equipment was running on software that was 15 years old, in a NT environment, and was at the end of its life cycle. A major upgrade was necessary in order to remain compliant with the legislation.’

From URS to acceptance

The assignment consisted of the project leadership for the entire installation from the design to the commissioning. Erik was responsible for a new User Requirements Specification (URS) and the (general) technical design of the new System. He was also a client for the required SCADA software, for which he selected a specialist software company as a partner. The new System with, for example, a new Historian server, 3 PLC’s, 2 SCADA servers with clients and thin client, will enter service in the autumn of 2015. The client will then be up-to-date for the forthcoming years.

HVAC System

Erik also performs the project management when replacing the HVAC control from Siemens. As part of this project, outdated equipment is also replaced. Moreover, the entire control is decentralised in order to enable better maintenance to be performed and all cables and sensors are also replaced.

Pharma specialists

‘In this industry, technology is not the only concern. You also have to be able to demonstrate exactly what happens, whilst adhering to very detailed standards. At Strypes, we now have several people with in-depth experience of the pharmaceutical sector. In addition to the required technology, we are also fully conversant with the GMP legislation. This enables us to offer complete solutions.’

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