The Dutch abbreviation MOBZ stands for Modernisation of Object Control in Zeeland (‘Modernisering Object Bediening Zeeland’). The objective of this large project from the National Public Works and Water Management Department (‘Rijkswaterstaat’) is to centrally control the locks and bridges in Zeeland in order to work better and more efficiently. Edwin Radt is one of the people from Strypes who is involved in this infrastructure project.

Complex SCADA project

Via MOBZ, the National Public Works and Water Management Department (‘Rijkswaterstaat’) wants to implement a major a modernisation update and work towards central operation of locks and bridges in as far as this is possible. The processes can be read-out and operated by SCADA software. Edwin explains: ‘This is an important, but also complex project for the National Public Works and Water Management Department (‘Rijkswaterstaat’). This concerns a multitude of locks, bridges and nautical control rooms. At the moment, we are working on the West Lock (‘Westsluis’) in Terneuzen, a large sea lock that is 290 metres long and 40 metres wide.’

Initial testing

As (lead) engineer, Edwin has ultimate responsibility for the development of the SCADA software. In consultation with the parties involved, he produces a final design that, after receiving approval, is elaborated into a detailed design that can be used by SCADA programmers. The end result is first tested on a reference system and this is then commissioned in phases at the location. Edwin: ‘It is great to see how the lockkeeper uses our system at the location, to see how what has been conceived is also actually used in a dynamic environment.’

Strypes as a SCADA specialist

Strypes have various specialists in the field of SCADA development in its company, and they often work together on projects. By sharing knowledge and experience, we continually enhance this expertise.

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