Process automation in the pharmaceutical industry

Strypes is a valued partner for one of the biggest pharmaceutical concerns in the world in process automation. Here, Strypes employees work on a manufacturing process that requires adherence to the most stringent requirements in every way.

Comprehensive control

In the production plant where employees from Strypes work, various high-quality medicines are currently produced, including contraceptives.

Our client explains: ‘During the production of medicines, comprehensive control of the conditions is crucial. For example, a constant overpressure is created in the production area to prevent contamination from other rooms. We have to measure, record and control all conditions for production extremely accurately.’

Pooling knowledge and experience

Pharmaceutical IT is a special field, he explains: ‘It requires the pooling of a great deal of knowledge and experience. In addition to knowledge of pharmacy, and knowledge to develop the necessary software, you must also be conversant with the legislation. For example, the American legislation that we have to adhere to, requires very comprehensive documentation about the manufacturing processes. At Strypes, they are fully conversant with this requirement. The people are technically excellent, and they can also communicate well.’

Taking responsibility

So far, the collaboration is working out great: ‘What I really appreciate is that the employees of Strypes actively contribute to the thinking process. For example, by investigating how costs can be saved for a certain manufacturing system. Moreover, I am impressed by the attitude of Strypes in relation to the organisation and planning of projects. The people from Strypes assume their responsibility.’

Installation of environmental controlling system

Medicines are produced and packed under strictly controlled conditions and to do so requires specialist technology. Erik van Noort is one of the pharm...

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