Jolanda dos Santos

As operational director at Strypes, Jolanda is responsible for everything that relates to the running of the company.

‘If I listen to myself talking about Strypes, then I sometimes think “it perhaps sounds too good to be true”. So I don’t want to find myself telling a remarkable story to potential new colleagues, and then have to admit afterwards that the reality is somewhat different.

We interact with each other in the same way we would like others to interact with us. In a forthright and mature manner where everyone, due to his or her commitment, feels a sense of responsibility for the company. I believe that it is important for the people with whom I collaborate to feel at ease in our organisation. And when I hear from colleagues that they feel at home in our office in Leersum, I take it as a compliment.

Enjoying your work and being proud of the things that we do together. I think this is the cornerstone of our company. I am certainly proud! Proud of the fact that we now have a nice team of experienced colleagues working at Strypes, and of the great projects that they carry out for our clients.’ 

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