Joost Kisters

‘During my career as a software engineer, I have acquired experience in many large technology companies, including abroad. Over time my role changed, towards the direction of project leader. In this capacity I have already completed a number of exciting multidisciplinary projects.’

‘In 2011, I opted for Strypes after several meetings with the management. I like the approach adopted by this company. They are more interested in people than in money. A world of difference compared to other ICT companies. Strypes is small-scale and informal, and you have a lot of say about your own careerpath. In your daily work as well, you feel that your ideas are really being listened to. I like working for Strypes, I am very happy, in general and about the scope of my work.’

‘At the moment, I work via Strypes as project leader controls on an interesting and challenging assignment where, together with a team, I draw up the functional specifications for a baggage handling system at the new Pulkovo airport terminal in Saint Petersburg. This involves a lot of work: transforming the customer requirements into testable system requirements, reaching agreement with the other (non-)software departments, mapping the present software standards and models for managing the equipment control layer and, of course, the contact with the client.’

Joost in Pulkovo, Sint Petersburg

‘Strypes is my ideal working environment, because it is a small club of people who, despite having extremely diverse backgrounds and expertise, still fit and work well together. You are challenged to use your talents to the best of your ability and have ample opportunity to make your own contribution. The culture is informal and open and this is what I am looking for.’

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