John van der Hoorn

‘After a career as a system engineer in security, I started working in the telecom sector in the early 90’s. At the time, I was involved in the roll-out of the first GSM-network in the Netherlands. An exciting and educational time! After this, I started work with the facility services of the UMC Utrecht as a project leader on various multidisciplinary projects. This was a special work environment where the safety requirements were, of course, extremely stringent. Then I started work at an infra company, where I acquired in-depth experience with traffic control systems, roadside systems, radar control systems and where I also progressed to a managing and coordinating role.’

‘After this, I worked for a number of years via a staff leasing agency at various industrial locations and also once more with traffic and transport systems. Since the beginning of 2012, I have been working for Strypes. I chose Strypes because here you receive recognition for the person you are. Your strengths are not only recognised, but also put to use whenever possible. Strypes is a small club where people are extremely motivated and want to excel.’

‘For me, it is an ideal employer, because I always played with the idea of working for myself. Strypes provides me with all opportunities to work in this way, and to express my own ideas, and at the same time I still have a permanent employment contract. Communication is open and honest, and despite the fact that everybody works on their own projects, there is more than enough contact to maintain a good bond with Strypes. For example, the quarterly dinner or the Friday afternoon drink. But there are also substantive meetings where we discuss projects and the project approach.’

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Working at Strypes means: working on challenging, interesting assignments and receiving recognition for this.