Eric Koch

'At my previous employer, I was mainly occupied with software development, programming and testing in the industry and mechanical engineering. The onset of the crisis resulted in orders being withdrawn at the company where I was working on an assignment, and this is how I ended up in the ‘Infra world’. I was drafted into a design team where my primary task was designing, instead of writing software. I liked this very much. Via this ‘Infra world’, I also came into contact with Strypes. At the time, Strypes had just been founded, and I was one of their first employees.

At Strypes, I continued my work as a system designer, and I feel very much at home in this role. I am able to further develop my expertise by learning and using various design methods. In my previous assignment, I took a sidestep to a pharmaceutical company where I produced designs based on their design standard and guidelines. At the time, I was deployed on a large infra project where, in addition to producing software designs, I also prepared the test designs. Yet another new field of work.

This is typical for Strypes: the work is very varied, and you are always given the opportunity to steer a different course. You learn a lot from this freedom and these opportunities, you are listened to, and you are given the opportunity to develop yourself.

The most striking thing at Strypes is the ability to create a tightly-knit group of enthusiastic and committed colleagues. The monthly get-together, which is not mandatory, is always well attended, and some people even have to traverse the country in order to attend.

And finally, another nice story: just before I joined Strypes, I underwent a knee operation. I was allowed to drive a car, however in order to ensure a good recovery, my knee could not be strained. And before I knew it, Geert Eijkhout had already arranged another car for me, with automatic transmission. Where else do you find such commitment?'

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