Replacing the operating and control system for the North Sea Canal (Noordzeekanaal) Locks

The bridges and locks in the North Sea Canal need a future-proof control system. Strypes is working on this with the client, Croon Electrical Engineering. Design manager Hindrik Mosselaar requested help from Strypes and is pleased with the collaboration.

About Croon

For more than 130 years, Croon Electrical Engineering has been a renowned name at the top of the Dutch installation sector. The company is the pioneer of many technological developments. Croon is responsible for complete electrical engineering installations in buildings, ships, industrial complexes and many other projects in all kinds of market sectors.

One of the divisions of Croon is the Infrastructure division. In large infrastructure projects, Croon operates as a specialist party. It supplies complete electrical engineering solutions for tunnels, bridges and locks.

About the assignment

The lock complexes at IJmuiden and Schellingwoude in the North Sea Canal are operated and controlled by outdated (PLC) systems. The long-term reliability and availability are thus no longer adequately guaranteed, and the components are approaching the end of their technical operating life. The National Public Works and Water Management Department (‘Rijkswaterstaat’) of the province North Holland wishes, in order to guarantee the reliability and availability in the future, to migrate the operating- and control system, and initiated a project to achieve this. This project, officially called “Migratie Bedienings- en Besturingssysteem Sluizen Noordzeekanaal” (Migration of Operating- and Control System for Locks in the North Sea Canal) was awarded to Croon at the end of 2011.

"I am happy and enthusiastic about the people from Strypes"
Hindrik Mosselaar,
Design manager Croon

The project is a compelling example of Croon’s expertise. Hindrik Mosselaar explains: ‘Our client, the National Public Works and Water Management Department (‘Rijkswaterstaat’), has decided not to state any specific detailed requirements, but to state requirements for the results of the migration. In other words: it is the end result that counts, and not the way in which this is achieved. Of course, we perform the design and engineering work in close consultation with the National Public Works and Water Management Department (‘Rijkswaterstaat’) and the client regularly audits our progress.’

‘My role is that of a design manager’, explains Hindrik Mosselaar, ’and in this capacity, I am responsible for this process. That also means that I must ensure that the right person is in the right place. Through one of my colleagues, I was referred to Strypes when I was looking for a quality manager/design manager. And subsequently, I recruited two additional people from Strypes.’

‘They are performing well, I am very happy about the way in which they have adopted their role. I am particularly enthusiastic about the design manager. He states his opinion and asks the right questions. The National Public Works and Water Management Department (‘Rijkswaterstaat’) recently performed two audits and we achieved an excellent score. Much of this success can be attributed to the deployment of the design manager /  quality manager from Strypes. The developers will be given the opportunity to demonstrate optimal results later. As I mentioned I am happy and I can therefore recommend Strypes.’

‘What stands out is that the people from Strypes have already made themselves feel at home here and that everybody regards them as colleagues, and that they also feel the same way. This says something about the business culture at Croon, but also about the adaptability of the Strypes consultants. Of course, you must always be able to collaborate well in a team, but the working environment in this case is so good that you quickly learn how to get on well with your colleagues.’

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