Erwin van Oorschot

'After working for several years as a software engineer at Philips, I decided to further develop my consultancy skills at a company which developed a new procedure for the manufacturing of solar panels. At this company, I learnt a lot about the comprehensive analysis of industrial processes. I then started my adventure in Transport and Infrastructure, via my involvement as lead engineer in the last phase of the tunnel automation for the A73.

After this, I worked on the replacement of the control for the Maeslant Barrier (‘Maeslantkering’), another major infrastructure project. There, I learnt how you can successfully combine project management and technical management with sound quality management. This was followed by several large infrastructure projects including replacement of the control for all bridges and locks in the North Sea Canal (Noordzeekanaal) and the implementation of the Tunnel Standard for the Nijverdal tunnel, where I focused on the technical and quality management.

When I first came into contact with Strypes, we were immediately on the same wavelength. We have the same ideas about how you should organise a company like Strypes and I am also given the opportunity to optimally exhibit my skills, since, as a professional, I am supported in my development and I can determine my own career path.

In the meantime, through working as a Technical and Quality manager in various infrastructure projects, I have ended up in the world of management advice and organisational change. In this role, I advise and support our customers in relation to optimising and implementing project processes and the associated organisation for the project. My position encompasses the setting up as well as the implementation of the processes, tooling and the required organisation. Another important part of this is the ‘human’ aspect.

'I like to work for Strypes because you receive attention and appreciation. I am conversant with the world of the major comparable companies where you are often regarded as a means for earning money. Just like in my present position, at Strypes, the focus is on the people. Since the ambition of Strypes is not to be the biggest, but just the best, you receive the attention that you deserve. I have received genuine interest through every contact moment, and I really appreciate this.'

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