About us

An organisation that really makes the difference is, in our opinion, focused on optimally serving customers and ensuring that the employees develop themselves to their full potential and feel part of the company. Growth and profit for the organisation are derived from growth and profit for your clients and your employees and are thus not an end in themselves. This vision has resulted in what we refer to as ‘the Strypes DNA’:

The Strypes DNA

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    We do not want to be the biggest, but certainly the best

    We intentionally look for complex projects, because these present us with the best opportunities to distinguish ourselves. Striving towards ground-breaking solutions, presents a challenge for our employees, and gives clients a competitive edge, in the knowledge that ‘if Strypes cannot handle it, then nobody can’.

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    We want to be the best employer

    Our mission can only succeed when we recruit the best people. Strypes therefore wants to be the best possible employer that inspires talented professionals to be creative, provide their own contribution, strive for personal growth and professional development, with an optimal balance between work and private life. Job satisfaction and an informal, collegial working environment are, of course, an indispensable part of this.

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    We mobilise knowledge and invest in innovation

    Our organisation focuses, with small teams, on various solution areas. This ensures strong mutual commitment and enables us to easily share knowledge. Since we wish to remain at the forefront of technology, we must continue to develop our knowledge. Learning and innovating is part of the work and we facilitate this in time and money.