Our services consist of consultancy, project management, development and engineering in the field of technical and industrial automation. To achieve this, we work with you as a client to produce an innovative end result. Of course, we do this using the latest technology, combined with passion for our field of expertise and a great deal of involvement with our clients.

Real collaboration means that you know how to inspire each other, and that you know how to combine the best of both worlds. We are not only interested in the technology. Knowledge about our customers and the markets in which they are involved, is also a prerequisite for us. This combination of market knowledge and technological specialisation enables us to provide maximum added value by offering solutions for the complex technological challenges that confront our customers.


At Strypes, we opt for a project-based approach, where we involve the customer in the development process as much as possible.

We therefore prefer to execute projects in stages in accordance with procedures such as Scrum and Agile, so that feedback and improvements are always possible.